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Do I sell high on Gurley?


Gurley has been amazing but I am skeptical of his upcoming schedule. can he keep it up against this ?



I’m a Gurley owner myself and have been hearing all the experts saying to sell high for weeks. I have a feeling those talks will disappear. I would trade only if you get top 4 overall pick value (since that’s how he’s playing) and you are upgrading a position of weakness. Sure he won’t keep up this pace and those matchups are tough. But he passes the eye test and even if someone holds him to 50 yards rushing, he’s so involved in the passing game now that he’s virtually matchup proof.


I think he can
Here’s the way I see the upcoming matchups:

Seattle can’t stop the run (might change after today…) - divisional game and Rams have always been good in division
Jacksonville is susceptible to the run with good RBs
Arizona is susceptible to the run - Divisional game
Giants also susceptible to the run (plus they just suck in general)
Houston is the first scary matchup but you play him
Minnesota also scary but you still play him


I would sell but only if you get the right value. Don’t sell him for a lesser player just to avoid a tough schedule. After today the only people I would really sell him for, assuming you are getting a WR because RB for RB wouldn’t make sense are:

Antonio Brown
Jordy (and this is a maybe)

And this is only if you need WR help and have decent depth at RB.