Do I sell out for next year (Dynasty)

We had our startup draft a couple of weeks ago and I decided to start with a full rebuild. I had never tried this strategy and figured it might be fun.
Looking at my team if I make a few good trades I might be able to contend but I’m not sure if it’s best to stay the course of my original strategy.

Full PPR, 1QB,2RB,3WR,2Flex(RB/WR/TE),1 TE
QB - Brady, Burrow, Lawrence, Darnold
RB - Damien Harris, Robinson, Penny, Gainwell, Ollison
WR - J Jefferson, Lamb, Chase, R Moore, Callaway, Gabriel Davis, Van Jefferson, Peoples-Jones, Quez Watkins
TE- Pitts, Troutman, Arnold

I also have 2 2022 1sts

I have a trade offer for Robinson on the Table - Robinson and my 2023 2nd for his 2022 1st and 2023 1st.

If I make this trade I know it will be a lost year but I was half expecting that anyways.

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It all depends on how you view JRob for the rest of the year. He is in his second year and was a steal last season. Do you believe Urban Meyer will stay in Jacksonville or be out sooner rather then later? I say this because Etienne will be back next year but with a new coach it might not matter and lisfranc injuries do not have a good history of players coming back from them strong. So you have a young RB1 in Robinson that could either solidify himself as that teams top back for the future or be fighting for a job next season again. If Robinson comes out the game hard this year you can probably get more for him then what is being offered. ESPECIALLY around trade deadline when teams are looking to add that final piece for a deep playoff push. I would hold off and pass on the trade and look to move him or Brady around trade deadline for a team looking to overpay.

When I drafted Robinson I figured he’d still have a future considering he’d be a free agent after next year.

I figured if I made that trade I would almost be guaranteed to finish last and I’d have 4 of the top 13 picks with the 1.1

I figured I’d grab at least 3 RBs in the next draft.

You just had your draft two weeks ago and you are starting with a “full rebuild”?

lol Too funny…

P.S. Why didn’t they let you start drafting until Round 3? That team would look fine with 1st and 2nd round RBs.

In full PPR dynasty it is probably the one situation where startup plans of zero rb can be really successful after an immediate struggle. Locking down the WR and TE slots and knowing that high future draft capital will be able to address RB in the second seasons and beyond isn’t an awful idea. I think you went too much for a youth movement and it is kinda forcing your hand into this scenario.

The Robinson deal in your situation I would accept as your RB isn’t likely to be enough without huge luck going your way. But I’d try talk it down a little first to 1st, 1st for your 3rd. If they don’t go for it then I’d return to original offer and complete it.

I already talked him up to this margin. I agree that I still need luck to contend. But with my draft capital and rookies I can be competitive and if I am it’s tempting to make a push. But then I’d be kinda screwing myself over with not having the capital to build up my RBs year 2.

With the shorter shelf life of RBs I figured by the time the rest of my team matures the RBs would be aged out. The two that I have are young and should still have a little juice in the tank and hopefully if I can draft a few good RBs I should be good.

The key word is should.

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I just feel bad not being able to field a competent lineup. Feels a bit like tanking.

As a startup strategy I’m not against it. You rightly point out that rb career length isn’t something to count on as when it’s over its over in a blink.

You’ll have lots of draft capital to either attack future drafts to get the next big time rb options and likely be well positioned to get among first choices (no disrespect intended as it looks by design) and once you have a couple rb options in place with a matured and hopefully by then elite group built around Jefferson lamb chase and pitts you can be positioned to compete for years.

No disrespect taken. It was by design. Hopefully my Qb, Wr, and Te positions will be locked up for quite a few years. Lean real RB heavy in the next couple of drafts and try to hit on at least 2-3 RBs.

Just trying to decide if having 2 later 1sts would be better than stashing Robinson.

This year more than likely won’t mean much to me since the likelihood of me competing is small.

So it would be next year and beyond. He is a free agent after next year so if Jax is set on Ettienne as their main guy he should be able to start somewhere else.

I’d make the trade. Then see where those 2022 1st land and possibly flip a couple of those for 2023 1st and 2nds. The future is never 100%, but the 2023 class is supposed to be pretty damn strong across the board if I remember correctly.

You could also probably trade one of those WRs to get a good RB.

I think it’s a good trade. The main downside is that it will be tough to stay engaged all year knowing that I have to wait a year to really start playing.

i think Dynasty is fun in theory but in reality you can just draft the best players who are still in their prime while everyone else is going after rookies, and you could be a title contender for the first few years. then you draft your rookies in the upcoming drafts to groom them behind your vets who are still in their prime.

but anyway, id do the trade. getting 2 firsts for robinson is a great deal for you. you probably wont contend this year so i think its worth it.

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I agree. To an extent established players become more undervalued than they should be in some leagues.

Player decline is concerning and no one wants to be holding the shell of a player but it certainly softens the blow if he’s been a part of an early championship team or two.

I’d make the trade, but that’s not blowing it up. IMHO you have a solid squad but they’re young. Your WR room could be top notch and same with your TE. No one should be complaining too loudly about Burrow / TLaw in the QB slot. RB doesn’t matter unless you are pushing in. You probably are not without them, despite how grand your squad looks.

Take the trade. Maybe look at moving Harris for a 2023 1st (plus?) as well. Your squad is going to be really good in 2023. It will be rough having a sour RB group but there is an upside. In dynasty, losing is winning. Yes, you lose the year but you get better drafts. Target the rebuild and lean into not the best group for now.

I look at it as I want to be top 3 or the worst. Who cares about the middle?

I’d also look to only keep your own 2022 and maybe one other if it looks to be early. Package off the others for a 2023 1st and 2nd. That class looks to be dripping. Dynasty is not a sprint. Failing for a year or two to come up potentially dominant in 2023 is worth it. You could build a legacy. I’d lean into the loss for now knowing it’s really only RB deficient.

That’s how I’d attack it. Best of luck!

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