Do I shop one of my RB studs?

Went RB heavy early in my draft and have McCoy, Elliot, and Hunt, ended up with lower ceiling WR’s and a meh TE. Wondering if ya’ll think I should shop one of them, and who?

12 man .5 PPR Roster

QB -
Phillip Rivers
Andrew Luck

Shady McCoy
Zeke Elliot
Kareem Hunt
Doug Martin
Buck Allen

Demaryus Thomas
Devante Parker
Adam Thelin
Pierre Garcon
Corey Coleman
Cooper Kupp

TE -
Cameron Brate


Thank ya!

That is a solid team friend!

I agree, very solid team. If you were to shop one of your stud RBs I would wait until Doug Martin came back so you have some depth or look to get a RB with a stud receiver - someone like Cohen, West, someone of that caliber to still play for bye weeks. That being said I would ride with this team and wait for someone to approach you for a trade. Maybe even toss out to the group that you are looking to trade a RB and see the replys

I agree. Solid team! Maybe ask for a trade offer for a TE and see what you can get.