Do I sit Kamara vs the Bears

I have C. Carson (vs BAL) and M. Mack (vs Hou) on my bench, would you consider sitting Kamara to maybe give Carson a start?

Bump bumpp…

I mean, Kamara would be more of a Flex only due to your other backs and their matchups. Mack and Carson are studs and are going to be force fed. Kamara is amazing but I think he’s 3rd on this pecking order for me this week, but let others opine.

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Ugh that’s just what I feared. However, I saw a graph today on Twitter that showed that the bears actually allow a good amount of receiving yards to the RB

Depends on if the Bears big DT is playing, they got exposed against the Raiders, and the Saints lean on the RB’s more on the road, so there’s that. Start him just temper expectations. And who knows maybe Latavius gets more work as they try and preserve Kamara for the stretch run…

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Ah man, such a hard decision! Thank you for the help

Why would you not just play Carson with top 8ish upside? Bears missed a bunch of D players vs Raiders and Kamara is seemingly injured so could see less work.

Idk man, hahah you’re probably right but at the end of the day it’s kamara

I mean play who you want, just saying with injury and Bears D its more likely that Kamara will not be a stud and more likely give you 8-12 points. And ask yourself, how many times in the six weeks has he been a RB1??? Carson has more RB1 games than Kamara at this point.


I was not aware of the injury so I expect him to be rested and protected. IDK if he even plays. It’s one thing for a lineman to play with an MCL sprain, it is another issue for an RB.

Absolutely not. Jacobs ran all over them when I kept him on my bench. Would you say Kamara is a level above Jacobs??

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Ya, let’s see what this injury news is about. Bears lost their run stuffing DT for the year so running on them got easier.

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I gotta figure out what this injury is first… Jacobs was also at home vs the bears, idk man, I didn’t have such good options on my bench it would be a no brainer to start him

@LuccasG Bears vs Raiders game was in London, not at home.

I think it depends on who’s in contention w/ Kamara for your Flex start, cuz Carson and Mack are great starts. If your saying you already have two RBs that are better than Kamara and it’s between these 3 for your Flex, I’m prolly taking Carson

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Ops yea sorry forgot about that.

Yea so it’s a 2 RB and 3 WR league with no flex. So I have Delvin Cook, Kamara, Carson And Mack

@LuccasG yeah I’d start Carson over Kamara

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Not sure how Kamara doesnt at least get put in the flex. Starting all 3 makes the most sense unless you have a stud as a 3rd WR.

Jesus thats a stacked backfield. Should probably trade one of those 4 for WR. Unless you are stacked there also.

It is a 2 RB and 3 WR league with no flex and my team is stacked lol, this is my 8man home league. Any trades at this point improves other team more than mine

Hicks was put on IR yesterday, so that’s a missing piece from the Bears D-line.