Do I sit the Broncos instead of risking a negative

I’m ahead in a PPR league by 32 points this week. We each have a play tonight, I should’ve just streamed a DST but here I am. With a 32 point league should I just bench the Broncos with the belief that Sammy Watkins won’t make 32 points up. I’m leaning on the side of just benching them instead of risking the potential negative points. If Watkins gets 32 points I’m thinking the Broncos will be in the negative so I might be better off removing my team from this game completely

Also, hey Footclan! First post, from Edmonton Canada. Bonjour!

I would bench them, you make a great point about watkins and the adverse impact on your defense. I usually say try to score as many points as possible, you might need them at the end of the year. It’s unlikely that watkins scores enough to make your D negative all on his own and honestly if your Defense goes negative it will be because other players on the chiefs have a good game (doubting the chiefs score 40 points through Sammy alone)

I wouldn’t bench them, but that’s just me. You could pick either way and not do anything wrong. haha. I just think what if I miss the playoffs by a few points(yes it’s highly unlikely) and the Den defense has a pick six or scores somehow.