Do I start Brees?

Need some advice on if I should start him this week. I know it’s the Cardinals and a great home matchup for him but not sure how much they will allow him to play.

My other option is Josh Allen, who I have starting currently.

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Well, I could just be following the narrative here but realistically, like in real life, what’s NO motivation to start him this week? Bridgewater is working and they have the bye next week right. Then a juicy ATL divisional matchup week 10. Why toss your elder statesman, playoff bound, slightly injured QB out there and risk anything?

I honestly think NO will make your decision for you and let him sit 2 more, then come back and kill it.

What’s your opinion?

Brees was declared active for the game, so its up to you based on matchup, I forget who BUF plays. The saints may try to limit Brees I just running the ball, but if he’s active he’ll still be Brees

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Allen plays Philly, who’s pretty strong against the run, but very open in their secondary. Just for this week, I would stick with Allen - higher floor this week, and could really go off.

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Wow, I just read the report; you’re right. That blows my mind he’s starting. I’m streaming Allen with Dak on bye. Yeah PHL great against the rush but the flat is always open in their DEF for dump offs to Singletary. I’ve been holding him and slightly interested in FLEXn him. I have proven options so I’m not sure yet

Ya I think ill probably stick with Allen…its hard to not put Brees in there tho lol. Guess I’ll have to wait till week 10 to see what we have in him

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