Do I start Connor over Zeke?

I can’t make up my mind, I have Zeke and Barkley as my starting RB’s but I have Connor on my bench… My defense (ravens) got me -2 points this week and honestly I’m scared to play Zeke this week with the giants saying that if they can stop Zeke its game over + I don’t know how I feel about playing 2RB’s in the same game… Am I being crazy and should just start my studs?

PPR and I am playing a tough opponent this week

Who’s in your flex spot?

League has no flex ): 3 WRs

Sounds like a great problem to have, I would check to see how last week’s running backs did against New York. My gut feeling is to play Zeke and just stay with the stud. While Connor did great, it was only one week. I have him in my lineup as well, I’m hoping for boom but I could get some bust!

Damn! Hmm I’m no expert but its easier to tell someone advice when you don’t have those players lol

I’d say the Giants has to stop zeke and they will crowd the line. Everyone knows that without zeke cowboys aren’t doing anything.
Big Ben is said to have a huge game and a lot of analysts have him high this week, we know how much they use their rbs and Conner is basically Bell at the moment. He proved it last week. (basically) lol

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yea I looked at that and RBs against NYG did okay (Yeldon and Fourtnette) but RB vs KC did very well (Gordon) 100 receiving yards

Ugh yeah I’m thinking about benching Zeke which is crazy to me

Yeah I mean it sucks but their O line is a big part of what they do in Dallas and without them who’s knows how this team will be. Tough decision

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Zeke had had 100+ yard 2/3 times against New York. The one time he didn’t was his and Daks first game ever.

This week, bench Zeke. They are going to stack the box and go after Zeke and Dak. Make them win off an off balance dak passing. Connor will just phone hard at home!

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close your eyes and throw darts at a phone book… lol this question hurts my brain… tough one… so we shall go to the tie breaker! VEGAS…

Vegas has Kc at Pitt a 53 .5 total and Nyg at Dal at 42 total with the Giants giving 3 pts.

Go Connor and Barkley… when I can’t choose I let Vegas sort it out.

Oh man, Im scared!!! benching zeke could kill me

Id look at it this way, if the game gets away from the Cowboys again then Zeke may be utilized less again. I can see that happening with the way their season began. The Steelers utilize their RBs in such a way that James Conner is guaranteed to be part of the game script. Especially if Big Ben has the game that he is poised to have then we could see a lot of Conner later on in the game.