Do I start Kelvin Benjamin?

Having trouble finding a spot for him - what do you guys think?

Nice team! I would take out Murray. Put kamara in your RB spot and slide KB in your WR ROLE!!! 2 TDs tonight…Bank it!

BOLD!! I was thinking about it…will Kelvin get enough volume to match Murray?

Agree, would defiantly start Kelvin over Demarco at the moment.

That’s solid, and I know it is a JUICY matchup with INDY…but Kelvin and Funch re going up against a team that has given up the most points to WRs on the perimeter this year! If Kelvin has a BAD game you can play to upside your talking about with muarry instead of Kamara…

14.40 points in my half point PPR league. Can’t beat that - I owe you guys one!

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