Do I start Kupp tonight?

Half Point PPR
Do I start Kupp vs Minny tonight?

If not who should be my WR2…My WRs are
Julio Jones, Cooper Kupp, Amari Cooper, Antonio Callaway

OOOOOO boy… the Antonio Callaway conundrum… I’m starting Callaway over Diggs… take that for what it’s worth (I hate starting my guys on Thursdays…)

Yeah I hate starting thursday night players as well… I snagged Callaway a couple weeks ago and been holding on to him… I think I should play him this week and sit Kupp… Only thing is that LA offense puts up points so its hard to sit him lol…

Vikings secondary is still pretty good, and they’ll be motivated after last weeks debacle. I could see Kupp getting glossed over as Goff continues to focus on the open receiver instead of locking into one guy.

Callaway could flame out, but he has built some pretty good chemistry with Mayfield, starting with some big chunk plays in the pre-season. Coupled with that crap Oakland secondary, and I’d be surprised if Mayfield wasn’t looking down the field to Callaway early and often.

Well f*ck my life… 26 pts sitting on my bench at half time… I knew I shoulda started him… I hate fantasy football so much right now


Sorry I didn’t see this earlier lol. Would’ve told you start Kupp. I started him everywhere I had him. The one weakness in Vikings D is the slot. They don’t have anyone that can match up to him. I had no idea he’d do this though. I had him pegged for more of a 6-8 receptions for about 70-80 yards and TD.

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Bro I just wanna give up… I can’t make a right choice at all this season… And I have such a good team

Never give up. I’m in a similar spot. I’ve lost by like 12 points total across 3 leagues for 2 weeks. I am like 2nd in points for. Season is still young though. That’s one of the bad things about having such a good team, making the right choices week to week.

31pts now… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yeah I was just in another thread apologizing for not getting to a similar question sooner.

I started Kupp tonight in both of the leagues I’m in (standard and 1 pt ppr).

Can’t say I expected two TDs, though. I’m relieved.

I do think he has become the target Goff relies on most consistently, and he benefits from the attention that Cooks draws.

And if there is a weakness in the Vikings D, it’s the middle of the field.

Unfortunately, I was away on business since last night so haven’t been able to respond to anyone on those so sorry about that. I played Kupp in all my leagues. People are always afraid of defenses as a whole but every defense has a weak point. And for vikings, it’s the slot. They don’t have the guys to cover the slot receivers on the rams.

You just need to study match-ups. Can’t fade defenses as a whole.

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I started Kupp because of the outside coverage of the Vikes… never been happier on a Thursday… as my opponents Thielen scores…

I hope that you played him

Its all part of my master plan… Callaway is gonna put up 40+ pts this week I can feel it bahahahahahahahahahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m playing vs a Kupp/Goff stack in one of my leagues. I have baker and Callaway. I am praying for this with you bruh.

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Lol are you kidding @MikeMeUpp I’m sorry bro. That is the most brutal thing I’ve heard all season.

I’m not kidding at all…I am dying right now. I think if he benches rest of his players, I still lose the week.

Yeah all you can do at this point is enjoy the game…haha. Tough to account for an act of god from your opponent’s team.

LOL man, I had the choice between Marvin Jones, Ridley and Kupp as my WR3 and decided to go with Ridley because I need “upside” to beat my opp this week and here goes Kupp. Spewing all his upside on my bench.

A 1-2 team in my league that really should be 0-3 sat Brady and stacked Goff and Kupp against my buddy. I’ve been having to listen to him moan about it the entire game. The Cousins owner benched him for Tannehill right before the game. Doh!