Do I start Kupp tonight?

The upside is you have him on your team at least – incredible trade value going forward.

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My opponent has Kupp/Goff
…on his bench.
I took a hit from Thielen but damn I’m glad they were resting.

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The guy that started the Kupp-Goff stack in my league also started the MN defense lol. He’s got negative points for his def and is still up like 88-0 rotf.


The worst part for me is now im 2nd guessing starting Callaway and thinking about starting Lindsay instead lol… I hate fantasy football so much right now lol


i started Woods tonight expecting constant targets.

Went into half with 1 target and 0 points

weird game for sure

ended with 21 ppr

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I started goff gurley cupp and cooks last night… im sorry for the things I did to my opponent last night :rofl:


What are y’all doing with kupp after this? I know some will want to trade… but do you want to do that with this electro offense?

if you have kupp, you hold steady, yesterday was a massive boom, but his floor is pretty high too. pretty much the same for any of those WR’s


I agree, i know some will say to look at selling him… but i dont know if I really want to do that ha. I just want a piece of that Rams offense

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Man… I take full responsibility. I was convinced that Thursday + two good defenses were going to result in one of those classic Gurley all over the place games.

I apologize, and if it makes you feel better, I sat Diggs like I mentioned previously so I’m rooting for Callaway to blow up (I still think he could, the way he and Mayfield seemed in sync in the preseason and during last weeks win).

Go Browns?!

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would you all start Kupp over allen robinson?

What if I already am starting woods?

would you start both Kupp and Woods

I’m confused. Kupp and Woods already played.

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Yes i know I just mean in general (going forward) . I tend to stay away from double dippin.

but kupp is available

Oh I think it depends on matchup going forward but Kupp to me is a WR2 ROS. So definitely starting appeal in most formats. That’s how I had him before season started and my opinion hasn’t really changed. I don’t expect him t get 60 yard TDs going forward but i do expect him to lead that team in red zone targets and red zone TDs on the season. Projected him to be a double digit TD guy and that’s looking very reasonable.

I still think Cooks is going to be the top dawg in that offense in terms of yardage and finish but all 3 guys have starter appeal. I wouldn’t say woods/kupp are both every week starters, going to depend on matchup. But Cooks/Kupp are guys I’m happy to start on a weekly basis most likely.

if you already had woods. would you drop allen robinson to nab Kupp?

Arob woods And kupp should all be rostered.

LOL. @Dingus…trust me…I SOOOOOOOOO feel your pain right now my friend. If it makes you feel any better…I’m even more of an idiot than you can even begin to think of yourself…I’ve sat Kupp for TWO FLIPPING WEEKS!!! YEAH…LOL…feeling better?

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