Do I start Noah Fant on Thursday night?

TEs are considered WRs in our league, we do not have a designated TE spot. That said, do I start Fant on Thursday night or start AJ Green, T McLaurin or Andy Isabella?

In the line up: Chark and Lazard

Yeah, I know my WRs are poo but got to start 3 of these guys

I would play Fant over those guys. The AJ Green situation isn’t looking good, McLaurin is going against the Ravens this week, and Isabella is far from a consistent WR.

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I agree with @jack_watts.

While Fant is playing with his 3rd string QB, he easily has the best match up against the Jets. Fant, Jeudy, and Gordon are the only real pass cathers left.

I believe in the pure talent of McLaurin and think he can be a WR1, if Kyle Allen or Alex Smith throws him the ball. Haskins is holding back McLaurin’s breakout.

Green, ‘meh’ is all I got for him.

Isabella had a good game last week, but I would not chase that. ARI uses a lot of WRs, so any of them could see TDs this week or Drake could be the star this week against a weak CAR rushing defense.