Do I start Thielen against Greenbay?

I’m worried with the Vikings run first offense Thielen is going to suffer again this week.

Possible replacements: A. Jeffery, T. Williams, TJ McLaurin

What are your thoughts ROS … should i just pivot off of Thielen and try to trade him?

I don’t have the stats to hand but I think Thielen has a great recent record against Green Bay. I also don’t think Minnesota will be able to throw only 10 times in a game too often.

ya last week was just scary…last year Diggs and Thielen were monsters but Cook was injured soooo

The Vikings won’t be passing ball just 10 times very often, I wouldn’t have concerns with Thielen ROS or this week. Plus this is in division, on the road, Rogers and co will want a far better showing so should force Cousins to throw more.

@Mr_Wind-up_Bird is right too Thielen hit GB for lines of 12/131/1 and 8/125/1 last year.

i don’t want to trade Thielen…im really just hoping that they start to unleash the passing game

I would add though if you need major upside Tyrell Williams could be very interesting vs KC this week.

Carr could be north of 45 attempts to keep up with the Chiefs.

I don’t really need the upside my current starters are:

JuJu, Thielen, Woods
Zeke, Thompson

Would you start A. Jones in the matchup as well…i currently have Thompson in.

Looks good to me I’d stay as you are personally.

Does your opponent have anyone in tonight’s game? If they blow up it might change the view but it would take a lot to change your line up as it is.

Ya he is playing Godwin

my RBs are Zeke, Jones, Thompson, Cohen, Sanders

I figured Zeke and Thompson have the best matchups this week

Yeah I think you’ll be fine as you are, Godwin could have a nice game but I don’t think it’ll be in the Watkins week 1 range at all.

Agree on the RBs, just keep an eye on Washington in case they bring in someone via trade or FA who has third down skill set as well. Sanders would be a close second to Thompson for your RB2 slot for me.

ya im waiting to see Sanders role hopefully improve and become the featured back over there…might not happen cuz of their committee but we shall see

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Welp Godwin went off lol…fml…do you still think I should stick with Thielen or perhaps gamble on Tyrell?

Nah stick with, your team is pretty strong throughout.

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Aight thank you for the suggestions

I have Thielen in a 1/2 point PPR 12 team league as my #2 as I have Julio. I am completely fine with him there. He is Kirk Cousins #1 and Diggs can’t stay healthy. He is have a limited ceiling but a very stable floor. If he were My #1 I would be uneasy but it’s all about roster.

Ya my #1 is JuJu, #2 Thielen, #3 Woods
Bench: Tyrell, Alshon, McLaurin

I think my WR group is pretty strong