Do I stick with Colts D?

So now that NAthan Peterman isnt starting, should I still start the Colts? Or should I pivot and go to the Bills who have a really good defense?

So i just went to look up Anderson’s stats:

In his last season where he saw any real playing time (2016 in Carolina) he was 36 of 53 over 5 games with 2 TDs and 5 INTs; not exactly intimidating numbers. Add to that the fact that he just got to Buffalo last week, so he can’t be that familiar with the system and that he’s 35 and I think the answer is clear.

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I’ll copy and paste my post from another form today on this topic.

What is DVOA? - DVOA measures a team’s efficiency by comparing success on every single play to a league average based on situation and opponent. (This is straight from Football Outsiders website)

Colts - If you look at any standard defensive statistic you would say the Colts are a bottom 3 defense in the NFL right now. This has made many DST streamers nervous to fire up the Colts this week against BUF. However, DVOA paints a different picture.

Currently, the Colts rank 16th in the NFL in Defensive DVOA. Which would suggest they are a middle of the pack defense and not a bottom tier defense. They also are third in the NFL in sacks with 19.

Buffalo - The Bills offensive DVOA is so bad this year that the team at Fantasy Outsiders decided to run the worst DVOAs through six games since 1986. The Bills offensive DVOA through six games is the second worst in the last 32 years. That is just mind-bogglingly bad. Pro Football Focus also just released their O-line rankings after 6 weeks and the Bills came in at 30th out of 32. Through 6 weeks they are dead last in the NFL in sacks allowed per pass attempt (12.37%) and 30th in sacks allowed/game at 4.

All of this signals that the Colts DST should be a solid play this week against the historically bad Bills offense.


So the Colts are a solid pick for an eliminator challenge on Fan Duel?

This is my struggle as well. I’m back and forth between the Colts and the Falcons

This is one of the best and most insightful posts (maybe more because I am streaming Colts defense this week). Thank you @tkm35.

Awesome post!