Do i still have a chance?

I am 3-6 with 4 weeks left in the regular season,
My team is
QB: Newton and Big Ben (one qb league)
RB: fournette, Murray, Martin, Abdullah
WR: Green, Evans, Allen, Corey Davis
TE: Graham, Henry

Do I still have a chance of making the playoffs?

All depends how big the league is and how many male playoffs?

It all depends on league size and number of people making the playoffs. I have been in a 10 person league with 6 teams making the playoffs and the past 3 years a 6-7 team has made the playoffs.

Its a 10 man league and 4 teams make the playoffs

Looks like you need to run the table but it’s not over until it’s mathematically over. Just ask the falcon s and patriots…