Do I Take a Zero or Pick Someone up Tonight?

So I have already won this week and I have my kicker spot open. I will be 4-7 after this week and am currently 2 games out of the last playoff spot with 3 weeks left before they start. I currently lead the league in points scored by about 100 (don’t ask how I am 4-7…), and the first tiebreaker is points scored, so the more the better.

Below is my team. The easy drops would be Tannehill or one of my defenses. I am not a huge fan of either of these because Tannehill has a easy schedule the rest of the year and Allen’s gets super tough (the waiver wire is pretty tough since its a superflex league). Both BAL and SF defenses are great and I don’t want anyone else to hold them.

Honestly looking like I might drop Kirk, has his BYE next week then LAR and PIT. My WR is super strong and he’s likely to be my WR6 those 3 weeks. Could also drop Gallup (NE, BUF, CHI, LAR) the next 4 which is brutal.

Think I should drop someone or just take the zero and keep my team another week? Odds are I’m going to have to drop at some point so figuring I should just do it now and get the extra few points tonight.