Do I take the trade?

Should I trade Todd Gurley and Robby Anderson for Devonta Freeman and Drew Brees? Gurley is on bye and Freeman has already passed his, so it buys me an extra week. Also, my only startable QB is Winston at the moment and he is so boom/bust. I think I should take the deal - but is Gurley too valuable? Please tell me if I need to back away!

What is your record? I wouldn’t do this because I think Winston is a good fantasy QB and Gurley gets almost the entire workload in L.A. If you have a good record hold Gurley.

5-2, in good position for the playoffs. My current RBs are Hunt, Gurley, and Gordon. #Blessed. I should have also mentioned that I am going up against my brother this week and the Freeman trade gives me a much better flex than Anderson. I might be letting my matchup desire to win get in the way of the long game.

I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. I don’t think Winston is a fantasy starter, but unless it’s a deep league, I’d have to think there would be options on the waiver wire. I love Freeman as a player, but Sark is completely hamstringing that offense, and Gurley’s workload is rare.

I agree - 12 team lague but everyone seems to be stashing QBs, so it may as well be a 14-team league. Current waiver options are: Siemian, Brissett, Kizer, Beathard, Flacco, Moore. Although, I also have Mariota - he just cost me a win this last week so I am a little stung lol. Winston/Mariota enough to make it to the playoffs without making a move?

With your RBs (assuming you habe competent WRs), I’d think basically any starting QB would get you into the playoffs, and might be enough to actually win. That’s absurd. Keep what yiu gave and play the matchups.