Do I take this? I need RB help

So I drafted gus edwards that should let you know how my RB situation is going right now my team looks like this

QB- Lamar Jackson

RBs- Aaron Jones, Leonard Fournette, David Johnson, Tevin Coleman, and Jermar Jefferson

WRs- Stefon Diggs, Mike Evans, DJ Chark, Jakobi Meyers, OBJ, Christian Kirk, Sammy Watkins, and AJ Green

TE- Dallas Goedert

It’s a 3 WR full PPR league should I take either of these trades I have been offered

David Montgomery and Mike Williams for Stefon Diggs and Leonard Fournette


Miles Sanders and Kenny Golladay for Stefon Diggs

Please help me out im really hurting at RB so I’m trying to figure what to do there

I really want to like Montgomery. I think he is a RB1, but man the Bears’ history the last couple years gives me the yips. This is a tough one. Without Diggs, you have little consistency at WR. I think you could get more. Try to counter and submit multiple trades in your league to people who need WR. You might get a better combo. The second trade is a hard no for me.

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That’s how I feel about the second one too. And I have sent out all kinds of trades for the past couple of days and noone is taking anything lol

Its also only week 2 people drafted guys because they like them so dont be surprised in almost any league if trading isnt hot right out of the gate

Agree with ddmville. One question, if you trade Diggs and he goes off this week, will you regret the trade? He’s going to have big weeks, league winning weeks if healthy. Probably can’t say that for anyone in the Bears’ offense.

Would you guys do. Diggs and fournette for Antonio Gibson in this situation?

I wouldnt. the upgrade you get from Gibson doesnt justify losing diggs and your RB2

Id be trying to move Diggs for a rb straight up you cant really afford to let fournette go

Id be more likely to take the Monty and Williams before that but personally dont love any of these combos

Depends on your team and league.