Do I take this trade? G. Tate

My current roster:
QB: A Smith, J Goff
RB: Bell, Hunt, Hyde, Woodhead and D. Martin
WR: M. Thomas, D. Baldwin, D. Thomas, S. Shepard, T. Hilton, D. Parker
TE: Engram
D: Bears
K: Succop

I’d get G. Tate for A Smith

Eh… You seem pretty solid at WR, only one I’d play Tate over is Demaryius Thomas (out of the 3). If you do it I’d shop around Martin and D. Thomas first and see what you can get at QB cause you’ll need to fill there.

I think getting a RB would be more beneficial but as long as it’s not a 2qb league I like that trade a lot

Even with bell hunt and Hyde?

No I do not think you should do this trade. Getting Tate will just cloud things up on who to play each week. You are deep and solid at WR don’t give up your best QB for a 3rd best WR on your team. You need RB help more. I would be trying to flip Smith + Hyde or Smith + WR for a Gurley or Fournette type right now.


Really? you guys think i need help at RB with Bell and Hunt?

You don’t need WR help. Goff is a matchup play only, I’d like to have options at QB if that’s the case.

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Don’t do the trade you team is stacked. Maybe get a better defense like jags or ravens for playoffs. Maybe u can get Wentz for A Smith. Better in playoff matchups.

I don’t necessarily think you need help at RB but playoffs are coming and now is the time to kiss depth goodbye (which is what getting Tate would be) and time to upgrade players in your starting lineup. Not going to really upgrade Hunt or Bell but I’m assuming you Flex Hyde? So I would try and upgrade Hyde before getting another depth play at WR.

I most definitely do not like you only having Goff as your only QB. He has been great these past two weeks (against bad defenses) but against better than normal defenses he hasn’t been all the great. Would much rather have Smith who has a defense that can’t stop people from scoring but still likes to air the ball out. Not ideal to have Hunt and Smith but I still think you do not pull the trigger on this trade.


You’re solid at RB and WR for PPR in my opinion. Upgrade Alex Smith. With your flex/bench + Alex Smith, I bet you could get a more consisent/higher ceiling QB that you’d be happy to play in the playoffs.

At this point you’re debating on flexing Hyde, Martin, Shepard or D. Thomas. We’ll all have our own opinion on who’s best to start, but that’s just more fire power for a trade to upgrade both your flex and QB.

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In this league, i have no flex… Its 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 D, 1 K

so I usually start: Smith, Hunt, Bell, M. Thomas, D. Baldwin, Shep, Engram, stream D, stream K

Yeah…you don’t need help at running back. I mean running back depth is always good but that’s as solid of a stable as you can physically have. I think the trade is decent because qb’s have very little value to so I’m all for giving up a qb1 for a wr2. But you also don’t really need another wr2 so…maybe package some players to try and upgrade for another elite player if you really want to make a trade.

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I think ill keep what I have. The most i would do is trade for a Defense or maybe a QB if I can get a good deal.

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