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Do I take this trade?


Someone proposed Lamar Miller, Kareem Hunt, and Pryor for AJ Green and Crowell. I already have Micahel Thomas, OBJ, and Mike Evans (Dynasty League) but my only good RB is Melvin Gordon. Standard Scoring 10 team league


What is your starting roster? Can you play all 4 receivers each week or are you stuck playing only 3 of them? If you can play all 4, I might consider it but you’re already thin at RB. If you can only end up playing 3, then there is no point in making yourself even thinner at RB.


I can only start 2 Wr’s and a flex. I would be getting Hunt and miller and pryor.


Yeah, I’d do that if you already have Evans and OBJ plus Thomas.


Hell yeah I’m doing that. It’s good for both parties. He gets a big upgrade at wr, and a solid rb. You get a big upgrade at rb, and a solid wr. Plus you already have crazy good depth at wr.