Do I Trade CMC?

I drafted McCaffrey and lost my first game with him and have gone 3-0 in the following weeks (he got injured week 2 but still put up 20pts). I have Gibson and Carson as my other 2 starting RBs but I don’t feel confident with Stafford as my QB. I’ve had offers for a 1 for 1 trade for CMC for Russell Wilson, Lamar, and Dak. In a half PPR/6pt Pass TD league, should I take a reliable top 5 QB or is that giving up too much?

Dang I’d prob do it for Russ. CMC will be out for ahwile

I’m seeing he could return week 6 or 7. I’d also be giving CMC to a team with Zeke, James Robinson, Chubb, Kittle, and Julio. I’m not sure that improving my QB is gonna be worth giving another 3-1 team all that power for playoffs. I might go for Dak or Josh Allen plus a WR from a team at the bottom of the standings

Can you get and some depth at either wr or rb? I’d look at the Josh Allen owner or somewhere along those lines.