Do i trade connor for evans and baker?

Got offered baker and mike evans for J connor.

Didnt say no but offered connor tj hock and alshon for ertz and k. Allen or mike evans what do you all think.

My rbs are carson chubb ekler singletary connor
Wrs adams, godwin, gordon, j brown, mecole, d rob, gallup, alshon
Qb goff.

Should i take the original trade? The other offer or stick with what i have?

I like that you removed the qb from the discussion. It doesn’t help you much. I’d continue to negotiate from a position rb wr te

After listing it i realized it could hurt me when/if gordon returns i may lose out on ekler which would make me fairly thin at rb. But seemed like a decent trade if i can get ertz and allen. Not sure if theyd take it for suee or not though

I’d wait on a reply and then find out if they want something you’re happy to part with. Donald trump style negotition ask more than you want and they might talk themselves less than you wanted

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