Do I Trade for this RB? Half Point

My RB situation is thin, I just acquired clement off waivers, but still need a strong back.

RBS - Clement, Royce, Dion Lewis, Tevin Coleman, and hurt Matt Breida

WRS - Brown, D Adam’s, Kupp, Mike William’s, Antonio Calloway, Keke, Scantling

The trade would be from my team D Adam’s, Coleman

His Team would be giving me Sony, and Watkins

I don’t like it. Think you can aim higher than Michel if I’m honest. I can’t imagine the patriots will remain this predictable at rb (albeit has the edge over coleman) and Watkins is a huge step down from Adams.

For Adams i would be aiming for a Mixon or Ingram even

Another trade I was offered was Jordan Howard and Sanders for Adam’s and Coleman is the better or about the same?