Do I Trade for Zeke?

Full PPR

I get Zeke & Kelvin Benjamin


Freeman, Henry, Moncrief

My other RB’s are Gillislee, Woodhead, Powell, Jacquizz

My other WR’s are Cooper, Landry, Snead, Rishard

We start 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex

I would do that. Zeke is Zeke and likely playing the whole year now. And I think Benjamin is a good candidate to bounce back and have a solid year. Don’t love moncrief with Luck out and I’m sure you can find a replacement for Henry

He won’t budge. He’ll do Zeke & Gore for Freeman & Derrick Henry or substitute Vereen for Gore in that trade.


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I’d still do that but gore>vereen


I’d do it. Zeke is the best single piece (though I loooove Freeman), and I expect a big year from Benji.

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Zeke & Gore for Freeman & Henry is as far as he’ll go. Full PPR Redraft

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That’s tough. I’m not sure I like Zeke over Freeman by enough to give to give up the massive ceiling with Henry.

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I did the trade. Now trying to package Gore, Jacquizz Rodgers, Moncrief for a WR

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So I got TY Hilton for Moncrief, Jacquizz, and Gore from a RB desperate Owner. Essentially today…

I traded Freeman, Derrick Henry, Donte Moncrief, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Cole Beasley


Zeke, TY Hilton, and McFadden


Hm, my first impression is that I don’t like this trade, but the more I look at it I kinda do like it.

I think you traded 1 starter and a flex with upside for two solid starters. Then you threw what is basically bench spots into the mix. Not bad.

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