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Do i trade jordy nelson for julio jones?


Was offered straight up julio jones for my jordy nelson

Im 99,99% sure that i should take it but i decided to check with you guys first


If healthy jordy nelson is the better guy to own. IF healthy.


I’d keep Jordy if healthy also. Leads the league in TD receptions since 2016 and still Rodgers #1 guy


It’s unanimous so far. Jordy>Julio in redraft.


Jordy all Day.


I would keep Jordy. Julio is not himself this year so far


This was actually brought up on the show Tue. Jason saw it on a twitter, and he and Mike both agreed they would rather have Julio. Main reasons being…Julio’s already had his bye week, …and Jordy’s hamstring injury. Just thought I’d toss that up to y’all. For the record…both guys thought it was a really, really interesting and tough question.


Hahaha yeah, it was my question! I asked jason on twitter. Got really excited when he talked about it on the show! Btw, ended up not taking the trade but got julio anyway.
Gave him hyde + amendola + kearse for jjones. Hope it ends up being worth it
Thanks for the feedback


You absolutely finessed that julio owner. Bravo.


Jordy a keep.


Hope so. The guy is 1-4 and his rb1 was dalvin cook… So, he was kinda desperate lol


Yea, that was a steal.