Do I trade Kareem Hunt

What do you trade Hunt for if youre weak everywhere and need wins now? Lol.
Im 4-4… my QB is Cousins and even when hes impressive he isnt that impressive… my good RBs are Hunt and Howard both of which have byes left (Howard this week)… my WRs are DT, Jordy, Allen, Marvin Jones… so im OKAY at WR… TE is Graham so hes fine… im the 3rd highest scorer in my league but im 4th in my division (10 team so 4th out of 5)… do i ship hunt off for like Wilson and Ingram or do i just sit on my team and hope i can win enough to make playoffs? If you look at my roster Graham is getting me the most TDs by far… so im dying every week getting 10ish points from most players… i feel like i need to do something drastic to try to make playoffs. Started 3-0 looking like by far the best team… funny how quickly things can change.

If you can swing that hunt for wilson/ingram trade I would. Russ will probably finish top five and Ingram has looked solid all year so you wouldnt lose much off of hunt and drastically improve your qb…or else maybe try and package jordy with him and get a low end flex wr with it. Think his fantasy year is pretty much done with Rogers

The only thing i dislike about ingram is the fact that he fumbled twice in the 4th quarter so they closed the game out with Kamara… idt it means ingram is dead… but wouldnt shock me if Payton started giving Kamara goal line work since he already hated ingram before the fumbles lol…