Do I trade my ALLEN HURNS for PRYOR?

Ppr league.

My current wrs: michael thomas, davante adams, allen hurns, devin funchess

How many WRs start 2 or 3?


My rbs are strong to put it into better perspective: bell, mccoy, mixon, martin, carson, buck allen, riddick

Low risk, why not?

He’s actually asking for allen hurns and roberts woods now (a player i neglected to include in my list because of how little I value him). Is this still a go?

I don’t trust Pryor enough for that, floor is higher for hurns

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I for sure would do pryor over Hurns.

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I still say why not you have a good starting lineup. But either way it doesn’t hurt you much

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Yup yup. Okay I’m gonna negotiate for just hurns, if not, I’ll let it fly I’ll give him woods too. Literally picked both of them up this wednesday.

I would do Hurns & Woods if he still wants him for Pryor. Buy low now. And with the RB depth you have why not try and trade McCoy for AJ or Jordy now that Mixon looks like the lead back & Martin coming back from suspension.

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