Do I trade my top WR for a RB?

Should I trade Jarvis Landry and Keenan Allen for Kareem Hunt and Cooper Kupp? I need a legit RB my only RBs are Lynch, Clement, Yeldon and Bell. My other WRs are Sanders, Ridley, Cole, and Jackson. I’m 0-3 and in need of a RB1 bad. Also, its a full point PPR league.

Any help or suggestions would be great!

I would do that

You’re pretty stacked at WR for sure and you should definitely make a trade. But I think you can do much better than that. You’re selling really low on Allen there.


I agree with that. Right now you have a strong advantage at wr. I wouldn’t trade that just to be average at running back and bad wr.

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Who should I target and what should I give up because I do need a RB.

I would go after some cheaper guys who have the high upside going forward. Michel/Aaron Jones are two of my favorites. I own them in every single league. Same with Kerryon although he will cost you a bit more now.

Lindsay is another good one. I’m fine starting all these guys in my lineups as my Rb1/2 cause I typically have a strong crop of WR1s.

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that’s pretty bad. don’t do it.

I recently traded Hunt and John Brown for Michel (before the Burkehead news came out) and Allen.
Even pre-injury to Rex, I would rather be on the Keenan Allen side. I think you’re selling him too low.

I’m not sure you do this yet. You might consider moving Bell instead.

Maybe you could sell Bell to the Conner owner for a legit RB1 + an RB2 or a good WR/TE or something. You get a legit RB1 on this team without giving up your two best players and you are gonna start winning.

I agree with him. Trade Bell, at 0-3 you don’t have the luxury of waiting on him to come back. You need to win now. Tell your league he’s on the market and you’ll sell to the highest bidder.