Do I Trade Saquon?

I’m 1-3 and needing to buy wins with Saquon out… I was just offered Melvin Gordon for my Saquon Barkley. This is an absolute no brainer right? For some reason I’m hesitant and I don’t know why. Please help!

I do this trade. Although, if you don’t think it will scare them off, I would try and get a slight upgrade somewhere else as well. Either way, I would do this. It is a slight downgrade however you need wins now and it looks like Gordon will play a little more this week and be fully back next.

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They just said he might be back sooner than later.

I get that, but I need wins now. In my mind, I don’t see him coming back until at earliest Week 7.

I take back what I said… I posted this prior to injury reports today.