Do I trade the best WR in Fantasy? Non-PPR

Real quick, my league is a keeper league. So I would be mortgaging my future here. The (#) next to the player is the round pick he can be kept next season.

I GIVE: Adam Thielen (9)
I GET: Julio Jones (NA) + Christian McCaffrey (NA)

This trade won’t go through until after this week. So I will be getting Julio and CMC after their BYE weeks where Thielen still has his coming up.



Love it for this season. I don’t know know what the round thing means prob Bc I’m being stupid but yeah, this is a great trade imo.

Basically it means that I can keep Thielen next year and I would lose my 9th round pick. So I’d be getting great value for Thielen.

Unfortunately, it no longer matters as the owner of CMC and Julio just traded them both away for a 2019 3rd and 4th. So there goes that dream.

Thanks for the feedback though!

It’s ok. It wasn’t a sure thing. You’ve retained the best WR in the NFL as well. No harm done lol