Do I trust Kyler Murray this week

Kyler Murray with a bummed shoulder vs Top Rams D/ST
Or I snagged Captain Kirk Cousins on waivers against a shit JAX D/ST

Man why is this as tough as this is… I guess it depends on what you need out of the week. Swinging big? id play Kyler. Safer floor is probably also kyler… Wait why do i still think Cousins is deserved of this question though… I get your struggles but if im you I feel pinned to start Murray.

I be way more mad at myself if Kyler scored more points on my bench than if Cousins scored more points on my bench so I’d stick with Kyler.

Mr. Murray without question for me. He has literally 1 game all year (last week) not as a top 5 QB.

Furthermore, even with his bad week, he is still THE QB1 on the season.

Overall, I personally trust an injured Murray over a healthy Cousins.