Do I trust Prime Time Cousins... or do I play Josh Allen?

So i had Matt Ryan and he’s hurt so I picked up Cousins…

My concern is do I play Cousins in PRIMETIME where he usually sucks
Do I play it safe and stick with Josh Allen who can be a little scary at times himself…

What you think Footclan?

Josh Allen no brainer.

First off it looks like Ryan is going to play. Not sure if that matters to you or not but just FYI.

As for your question, I think I would go Allen. Cousins in Primetime without Thielen scares me. I can see a whole lot of Dalvin Cook in the future.

Yeah I heard Ryan might play… I still wouldn’t start him cause i’m afraid he hurts the ankle and leaves the game… Id rather play it safe and get 17-24 points with Allen… But now that im gonna bench Cousins you just know he’s gonna drop a 30 burger cause #Fantasy :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: