Do I Trust That Gronk Will Play?

Got Gronk in 2 PPR leagues. Do I trust that he will start or play my backup options of Uzomah and V. McDonald?

Depends on your matchup, if you are in a tough matchup and need to risk it, then grab Charles Clay. Else just play it safe with Uzomah or some other TE.

Start Gronk if he suits up.

I believe Gronk will play this week…
Play it safe and go with Uzomah, or gamble on the fact Gronk plays and his upside…

Why do you have 3 TEs? That is the real question here…

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Uzomah would be the safety play. It’s Gronk though. If he suits up he’s getting the ball.

It depends on the situation if you feel you can win without Gronkowski, I am personally dealing with the same dilemma and I will be risking it on Gronk because of the high offense my opponent has and my bye weeks. If you feel like you can get by with the safe matchup then play someone else and drop one of your three TE, no need to have 3.

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I don’t have 3 TE’s. I have Gronk in 2 different leagues. One I have Uzomah as a backup. The other I have McDonald.

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Gronk hasn’t had a 10+ point week since week 1, and the Patriots are going to destroy the Bills they wont use him if they don’t have too. I am trying to decide if I can trade him based off his name and get something more valuable because if he keeps having games like the last few he wasn’t worth the keeper I used on him.

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