Do I use my #1 waiver wire pick?

I have the #1 waiver wire pick. Been saving it every week so I could grab that RB when some starter goes down with an injury. Looked at my waivers yesterday and saw some lunatic had dropped Russell Wilson! Do I waste the waiver pick on him? I usually don’t waste a waiver pick on QB because I stream. I currently have Alex Smith as my QB. Thanks for the help

What does the rest of your waivers pool look like? And what is the rest of your team like? I would probably do it regardless, unless there are more gems like that who sometimes become available randomly. But yeah, Wilson was the #1 fantasy point scorer in some formats last season, despite having very limited help offensively. Keep that in mind. But also keep in mind that he has even fewer options this season…Baldwin returning could help. And I can see Seattle making a move for a new weapon at some point if they start playing like a team that can feasibly make the playoffs. Which isn’t impossible, especially if the Rams come down to Earth for any reason. I’d pick him up if he’s worth something in your league and if this is very atypical for your league.

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It’s a 12 team .5ppr league. My team looks like this as of now

QB Alex Smith
RB Melvin Gordon
Kareem Hunt
Marshawn Lynch
Carlos Hyde
Bilal Powell
Aaron Jones
WR Amari Cooper
Golden Tate
Emmanuel Sanders
Sammy Watkins
John Brown
TE Austin Cooper
Def Chicago
K. Matt Prater

Not a lot of great streamers for the QB. He dropped Wilson for bortles and also picked up Mayfield. This league typically over values QBs and TE. Also seeing a few teams rostering two defenses haha. And yeah that was the one thing I was hesitant about spending that #1 waiver was because of Wilson’s lack of weapons but I think his ceiling is higher then Smith’s with about the same safe floor