Do i win this trade for D.Adam’s?

I receive: Davantae Adams and Allen Robinson

I give up: Josh Jacobs, Gaskins, Hollywood and Tyler Boyd

Here’s my team as of rn.

I keep Taylor Dalvin and Kenny so I’m thinking I’ll be ok? Am i wrong?

Is it a full or 1/2 PPR? And what’s your record?

That’s a lot to give up in my opinion for that deal. I would have kept more RB depth since they tend to be more injury injury prone. I also still like Hollywood even though Lamar just straight missed him on like 4 big plays Monday night.

Also how many people are in your league that you got cook and Jacobs?

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12 Team PPR Auction Draft
I’m 3-0

Seems like a lot to me. I would rather have the running back depth personally. I would try to trade Taylor for an upgraded receiver. Jacobs is getting a higher percentage of the rushing attempts and target percentage.

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