Do the Trade?

.5 PPR Dyanasty League(6pt pass TD) 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex

I Get:
Russell Wilson
George Kittle

I Trade:
Kirk Cousins
Nick Chubb
Trey Burton

I have McCaffrey, David Johnson, Aaron Jones, and Derrius Guice.

i dont think i would.

RW > Cousins

george kittle >>>> burton

but giving up an RB that will dominate early this year, and potentially will get the backfield to himself next year… i just dont want to give him up in dynasty. not for an upgrade at TE and QB. granted, you have the depth at RB to be ok with it, chubb is just worth more than that.

although the 1 RB to start does make it way more appealing. even with the 2 flex spots. how are your WRs? can you fill out the 2 WR spots and 1 flex spot with WRs easily? cause DJ will go in the other flex spot, so if you can fill out your team without ever really needing chubb… maybe. still probably dont do it though. in fantasy the difference between cousins and wilson isnt drastic enough for me to want to pull that trigger still.

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I would not make that deal.

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Thanks for the thorough reply. To answer your questions about the WRs(I’m doing well there too):
Michael Thomas
Mike Evans
JuJu Smith Schuster
Amari Cooper
Corey Davis

thats super annoying cause i want to say no so bad haha. honestly im leaning yes now. thats damn near a super team with an upgrade at QB and TE.

QB: Wilson OR cousins
WR2: Juju
TE: Kittle OR Burton
Flex1: DJ
Flex2: Evans

the difference isnt major at QB (for fantasy), but it is at TE. damnit, i think i do it now knowing your full team. go for that #footclantitle. still makes me super nervous basically giving up chubb for kittle tho.

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Just to further clarify or muddle it…
I have Jameis Winston. Other TEs are Evan Engram and Hunter Henry.

if you get him to say yes to winston instead of kirk, i would smash that accept button.

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Really. I’m actually a little higher on Winston than Cousins.

What is your rationale on Cousins over Winston?

Alright BusterD I hope you’re still there.
He countered with the following:

Wilson, Kittle and Fournette
Cousins, Hunter Henry, and Chubb

I think Fournette could have a really good year and I upgrade QB and TE.

a few reasons honestly.

1: he went from a really bad redskins team that jerked him around for a while with the whole tag situation, and got blamed for a lot of big game loses that really werent all his fault. he isnt infallible and has lost games, but its not like the perception of him is. as soon as he got to the vikings, he instantly uped his game. setting career high in completion percentage, TDs, and TD to INT ratio. he also hit 99.7 for his QBR which is damn damn good.

2: he did that big of a jump, with no O line. he had a paper bag and about .5 seconds to get rid of the ball. now with a new center in bradbury who i love, getting klein from the titans, and moving their old C to LG is a huge bump in talent. with time, and the weapons around him he could be one of the top 10 QBs

3: winston just… he doesnt have a lot that i like. mentality, throwing ability, team, the confidence that he will start all year long… but he has hype to him right now so he has trade value. his career high QBR is lower than kirks career low (as a starter). i think winston is a fantastic steam candidate because he will have these games where he puts up 40.i would just prefer a guy i can count on to be there, and preform all year.

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In dynasty I think I would prefer to trade DJ and keep Chubb.

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I woudl try the trade with David Johnson instead of Chubb. If he accepts cool, if he wants Chubb do it too. Your team is very good you can sacrifice Chubb for a very good upgrade at TE.

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I would try to trade DJ instead of Chubb, especially in dynasty, chubb is still really young. As far as QB goes, I would rather give up Winston than Cousins just because I think cousins has better talent around him. If he would take cousins and DJ I’d do that, if he’d rather have Winston then let him take him. If you can do this and hold on to your Chubb I think your team will be nuts.

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I’m not sure that the trade really moves the needle for you. You can probably trade Chubb for a better deal

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Don’t do it. You are stacked at RB. Keep it that way. If Zeke and Gordon hold out, the other teams will get desparate for RB. A Better trade will present itself. Or you will present a better trade! That trade really boils down to kittle for chub. Kittle will regress. Chubb will not.

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I would honestly go against the grain and take it. The upgrade at QB is nice while not necessarily that significant. However being stacked at RB already with two really young guys in Jones and Mccaffrey makes me feel safe about trading away Chubb. Kittle will most likely last much longer at an elite level than Chubb will. Take the trade.