Do these trades make sense?

Thinking of offering two trades, standard scoring 10 team league. 1st would be: I give Mike Gillislee and Darren McFadden and I receive DeMarco Murray. 2nd would be: I give Mike Gillislee and Darren McFadden and I receive Alvin Kamara.

Do either of these trades make sense? Am I giving too much or not enough? The whole reason I am trying to make a move is because for weeks 9 and 10 I need a solid flex play when I lose Bell(week 9) and Hunt (week 10). I have a great starting lineup so no major moves, just something to sure up my roster for the byes. My bench is pretty depleted with my best options being Gilly, Ty Mont, Davante Adams, McFadden, and ASJ. Which would you do if any? And if you would do either, do you think the other owner would accept? Thanks for the help!

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If you’re doing good like 6-1 or 5-2 why not risk it? don’t go too hard on you’re self they will pull through eventually but whats you’re score rn

I don’t see those two offers working. Who do you have with WR’s? I’m sure you could package and get D. Murray low.

I would absolutely pull trigger on both trades, probably wanting kamara over murray if it’s ppr.

I’m having some doubts on murray moving forward. THOUGH he could get healthier after this bye week.

But yes, definitely do one of these trades.


Just saw it’s standard.

I would definitely try to acquire murray, I don’t see mcfadden or gilly proving any much worth during those weeks.

Thank you all for the responses… I’m currently 4-3 sitting in 2nd place in my division 4th overall. It’s getting to the point where I’m about to drop Gilly because he’s virtually not startable at this point so I Man trying to package him with McFadden hoping someone bites on the idea of a possible zeke suspension. Other guys who I can offer are ty mont Davante Adams or ASJ. Just kinda stuck at this point only for weeks 9-10. If neither bites on those offers I was considering dropping Gilly for J. Winston even though my QB situation is pretty secure with Wentz and Tyrod just thinking of Winstons value is probably higher than Gillislee

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