Do this trade or no?

My two best WR are Dez and Allen Robinson. My RBs are LeSean and DeMarco. I’m not too high on Allen Robinson so I was talking to another member that has AJ Green. He’s weak at WR otherwise and said he was interested in a Golden Tate, Allen Robinson, and Ameer Abdullah for AJ and Randall Cobb type of deal. Should I stick with what I have or move forward in the negotiations?

What’s the rest of your RBs look like?

I have LeSean, DeMarco, Joe Mixon, Thomas Rawls, Ameer Abdullah, and Jalen Richard

I would stick with what you have, I believe you are giving up too much.

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If you’re low on Robinson, and believe in AJ/Cobb I think the trade is fine.

Also with Shady and Murray You’ve got some solid starters already.

When it comes down to it, you’re improving your starting line up with this trade by sacrificing depth… like legit the lineup of Shady, Murray, Dez, and Green could be a chip winner… those 4 players should all arguably be first 2 round picks in 10 or more team leagues. I don’t really like ARob either and I’m not as high on Tate as a lot of other people are. I own Abdulla as well but he’s more of a filler/flex than a starter for me (Howard and Gordon are my 2 main backs)… I just think Abdulla’s upside is going to be capped at higher end RB2 assuming he can even finish out the season. I think Mixon is fine as a flex and has appeal as a possible starter by mid season and Rawls isn’t great but will be okay as a filler on bye weeks if needed… As long as you have at least 1 more solid flex WR then I’d say go for it… the way I see this trade is you’re giving up 2 WR2’s and a (maybe) RB2 for a decent flex WR with TD upside and an easy top 5 WR in Green… another thing… I’d check to see if Jonathan Williams is still available… if he is you’ll want to pick him up to back up Shady since your RB depth is lacking really hard if Shady goes down… Idk if the ballers said this or if I heard it somewhere else, but imagine your team if you lose 1-2 of your RBs/WRs. With Shady’s handcuff on your bench you don’t lose too much if you lose shady… if Murray goes down the line up of Shady, Mixon, Dez and Green still looks good, if Dez and Green both go down you’ll be hurting at WR but it wouldn’t be the end of the world… if shady and Murray both go down You’ll have Williams (who will be an RB1 not quite shady but not a major downgrade) and Mixon with Dez and Green which could still be a chip team… If this is full PPR that makes things a bit harder but if its half or non PPR then I say do the trade… especially if you’re able to back up Shady. And if at any point Henry ends up on waivers or you can get him for super cheap, then snatch him as fast as you can.

I’m all for trades where you get the best player. Ameer is a question mark so I’d go for it.