Do we still trust Scary Terry?

I love the guy, but with the wonky QB stuff it’s hard to rely on him. Should he be traded away for a more reliable WR, or hold onto hope?

If Keenum is playing he is very reliable, if Haskins is playing then he’s sitting on my bench.

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True, I just don’t know how much Keenum will actually play. With the concussion and poor team play, they could just start Haskins whenever, which scares me. I won’t just drop Terry ofcourse, but considering trading him away if the right opportunity is there

I ended up packaging him and Damien Williams for Derrick Henry. I like McLaurin a lot though

i do not trust scary terry over other options generally available in the FA market these days with more upside like robby anderson

Did you see Dwayne Haskins? If keenum is healthy they will play keenum. They know Haskins is no where near ready to start an NFL game which is why he’s only thrown in in emergencies