Do we trust Mixon in the FLEX?

How do we feel about flexing Mixon this week (Week 3)? I picked up Darwin Thompson off waivers since Damien Williams is out and It feels like it’s the same risk for either play, but Thompson has more upside. Thoughts? I also have Carlos Hyde or Adrian Peterson on my bench, but neither seem super appealing.

Unless Thompson is the only RB in town and healthy, I don’t have interest in him vs Baltimore.
AP is unplayable and Hyde could have a good week or be Frank Gore (volume with no efficiency)
If healthy, Mixon is the play. I think all guys are mid-level RB2s with no one in a great matchup (other than Gore). So, since the floor of all the guys are the same, give me the player with the most upside and thats Mixon

Thanks for the thoughts. I think you’re right, I’ve just been so disappointed with Mixon lately and got Chiefs-Colored Glasses for Darwin’s upside, but you’re right; gotta trust Mixon to have a good game eventually.

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