Do we want Damien Williams?

Right now he is going somewhere in the 3rd round. Would you pay that price? Would you feel you’re getting more or less upside?

I know there are questions about his talent, but if there’s no one there that you would hate yourself for passing on I’d kick the tires on him. I’m seeing backs like Chris Carson, Kerryon Johnson and Aaron Jones ranked close to him and I think I’d pass on all three for Williams, as long as his situation remains the same come draft time (not sure when you’re drafting)

Yeah, when my fourth pick comes Damien hasn’t been there but if he was he would be my guy. I just don’t think I will get him unless I reach on him with my 22nd overall, but I won’t. Unless I can become even more so intrigued.

It’s still early enough that it’s depending where you do mocks as to where he’s going. I haven’t seen a sleeper mock that has Williams making it to the end of the second, let alone the third.

If Williams is a third, I would be more intrigued by the price, but by the time we hit August, the coach speak will get so amped for him as the “lead back” that he should end up with a mid to early 2nd ADP. I’m not convinced yet that he’s worth that, but I’m open to having my mind changed (by an arguement other than “Andy Reid Bell Cow”.

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I completely agree with that, and by the time my keeper/redrafts roll around it’ll be more clear. I like Williams and can see why he wasn’t great during his time with the Dolphins, they misuse everyone—I would like to hear a better argument. Let me ask you something different, do you like James Conner or DJ more this year? Who do you think will be overall better?

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I think DJ will be better overall this year as of right now. DJ is the more talented player, and if you believe the hype of that offense with Murray and Kingsberry making it faster and more explosive, DJ is probably the 5th guy off the board after the big 4, with RB1 overall potential.

As for Conner, I think you can argue there is a higher floor with that Pittsburgh offense, but it isn’t by much, and he still has a lower ceilling. I would still take him late 1st round, but I don’t quite see the upside of DJ in Conner.

By the end of the season, if he remains healthy and doesn’t like Hyde usurp his workhorse role… He will finish as a RB1 and have easily been worth a R2 pick… there’s not a good argument to be made against that, because we’ve already seen how KC uses him

So you need to gauge how much you believe in Damien Williiams:
A) Remaining healthy
B) Not letting the job slip away

and adjust from there… I think he’s a STEAL in the 3rd