Do you accept lynch for Aaron jones

My current backs are David Johnson, Melvin Gordon Aaron jones and nick Chubb. .5ppr my bench is kinda weak from making a stellar starting line up (Aaron Rodgers,mike Evans, aj green) give me the push I need I feel jones could be great for ppr but will he indeed be the guy.

No. I’d rather have Aaron Jones to see what he does when he comes back. I already know what Lynch is going to do. TD or bust in a bunch of negative game scripts.

Williams just was not good at all Sunday. And he doesn’t have it any easier this week. I think Jones will get a shot at the job once he’s back.

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That’s what I was leaning towards because either are gonna be nothing more than a flex at best besides bye weeks between D.J. and Melvin

Only thing I will say is that Williams pass protects well. Rodgers likes Jones better, but with him having the mobility issues I am not sure Jones will get heavy usage unless he has improved a whole lot in that area from last year. Maybe MikeMeUp has broken down some of that footage because I would like to hear thoughts from preseason if any improvement was saw from Jones in that department.

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So this is something that I’ve been going very back and forth about. That was one of the main reasons why I liked Williams more in the offseason, that and the fact that Jones would be suspended.

But I think the fantasy community as a whole, we are totally overstating the value of the pass pro. I get it, it’s Aaron rodgers. But is Williams’ pass pro so much better than Jones’ that it completely outweighs the explosiveness that Jones adds to the offense when he is on the field? I’m not so sure. Jones was a rookie so struggling with pass pro is pretty normal. He also had Hundley who routinely held onto the ball way to long. With Rodgers back who knows to get rid of the ball more quickly and an entire offseason of work under his belt, I think Jones will and honestly, already has improved his pass pro to at least acceptable levels. Remember when Ty Mont first started, his pass pro was also awful but the 2nd season in, he was actually pretty good. I’m hoping for a similar trend for Aaron jones.

I think the gap in talent between Jones and Williams has as runners far exceeds the delta between Williams and Jones as a pass protector. Just look at what he did with Hundley at the helm. I can’t wait to see what he does with Rodgers leading the offense.

Now this is just me thinking so I could be wrong (again) but I think this is what I’m going with until I am shown otherwise. Cause honestly, watching Williams run is frighteningly similar to watching fat lacy run, after he got fat. He has no burst, cutting ability is literally non-existent, and it was just play after play of me watching him bounce into the back of his own lineman where there was day light if he just bounced it outside, which is what Jones would have done.


IMO it is bad enough that it limits Jones to a two down type back if it hasn’t improved from last year given the current situation. There were a couple of times last year with both Rodgers (Aaron was still QB Ty got hurt) and Hundley that Jones just completely blew a pickup and got their qb nailed. Jones looked good with Rodgers on a Thursday night game last year. Williams is worse on the eye test but had several good fantasy days with Hundley at qb. It’s going to be interesting to see. With Jones having the burst it almost makes more sense for him to be a change of pace. You are right he totally could have improved his pass protection since last year. That is what I am anxious to see, but wondering how much they want to risk testing it out with Rodgers already banged up.