Do you agree with the ballers?

Drafted 3rd Overall. Do you agree with the footballers grades?

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Great draft IMO. Solid starters and excellent depth at both WR/RB.

Personally don’t believe in Trey Burton and not buying into the hype so you’re TE to me seems weak but so will 9/12 of other teams so don’t really see much of an issue there.

Only issue I have with the draft is you have both Collins and Dixon. I don’t draft handcuffs and guys in the same committee cause it limits upside. Also, Dixon has injury news lately as well so I’m just not really going to be drafting him at all.

Love the WR group though.

Mind if I ask why you’re not buying the hype on Burton? I’ve been pairing him with Eifert or Reed in some mocks to try and add depth behind him, but I’m increasingly uncomfortable with his draft price.

Big fan of your bench depth - Burkhead and Rishard Matthews are two of my favorite targets this year. I agree with Mike about cuffing Dixon; unless the player offers value regardless of injury (someone like Dion Lewis or Tarik Cohen) I’m not drafting handcuffs.

Essentially I drafted Dixon as a we’ll see what happens at the beginning of the season. He was the last guy I took. I believe in the talent of Dixon and it’s still unclear to me whether Baltimore believes in Collins still despite the production last year. Dixon would be one to either let go or keep if he produces at the beginning of the season. As for the TE’s I viewed it as a toss up and went of possibilities of what Burton could do.

I don’t HATE Burton, but any time the hype outweighs actual production I grow weary.

Sure I may be in the minority here but it comes down to a few major factors:

  1. In my opinion, to be successful at TE, you either have to be a freak athlete with outstanding measurables or have enough experience / snaps in the college/NFL already to have shown that production. Often times, you need both. If you look at some of the most elite TEs we’ve had in the league as of late, Vernon Davis, Antonio Gates, Kelce, Ertz, Jimmy Graham, Hunter Henry, Evan Engram, etc. The list goes on and on but all of these guys have outstanding measurables and also, were all drafted within the 1st or early 2nd round. Those two factors have the greatest correlation with TE success. And for all intents and purposes, Trey Burton is an average athlete at best who was undrafted. His measurables are all below average for the position so just don’t see him overcoming those odds in his first year as a starter on a new offense. Not saying its not possible to break that trend (i.e. Delanie Walker), but in a game of odds, I will gladly take my chances on the guys that fit those criteria. If I wanted to be more risky, I would even rather venture out and take a guy like Kittle over Burton given he is cheaper and is an outstanding athlete.

  2. He is catching passes from Mitch Trubisky in an entirely new offense. Couple of factors there, one its a totally new offense and it is his first time as a starter and his production is also entirely dependent on Trubisky breaking out this year which I just don’t see happening. Also, there are so many mouths to feed there. ARob, Miller, Cohen, Jordan. I just don’t see Trubisky being able to support the values that all these players are being drafted at. Some are going to bust and to me, Burton is a top candidate to bust.

  3. All of this hype is basically coming down to a sample size of 2 games. One of which was against Denver who arguably had one of the worst defenses vs the TE position last season and he had 2 catches for 41 yards and a TD. The rams game was impressive but at the end of the day, it’s still one sample size from a dude who went undrafted, is not really proven, and is a below average athlete playing in a league full of athletic freaks. I don’t see him being able to dominate match-ups like some of the others I listed above and I’m not really willing to risk it by taking him over someone like Walker who is going later than him. If i’m going to gamble, I’d much rather gamble on someone with a higher upside and tied to a better offense like Kittle.

I’m willing to die on the hill here but I just don’t see it at all with Burton and I think he’s just going to be another Jared Cook where people constantly get hyped cause its a new team but at the end of the day, is just another disappointment. And Jared cook is actually a superior athlete to Burton as well.

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I agree with you there on Collins which is why I’m not drafting collins. I think he is an average RB at best and not really buying the hype. But I’m also not investing any capital in Dixon. I’d much rather use that late round flier on someone else’s handcuff. i.e. John Kelly, Jordon Wilkins, etc.

I can agree with all those points, having said that this is a coach coming from the Reid tree and if we’ve seen one thing from that it’s that the TE is utilized in the offense of all the coaches from that tree. But every single one of those points you brought up are very valid.

I know coaching matters, but at the end of the day, you have to still be a good player to actually get it done. Last year, I think people underestimated the effect a coaching change could have (i.e. Falcons) but this year, we are totally overrating it and overreacting in the opposite way as the Fantasy community always does.

You can’t just take any random player which is what Burton is, put them into the coach and assume they will succeed which is what people are doing with guys like Burton and McKinnon. 2 Guys I won’t have on any of my rosters anywhere near their current ADP.

I like Burton this year. As a Zach Ertz owner last year who didn’t bother to draft a backup tight end, he got me through all of Ertz’s games just fine. He’s on a less impressive offense this year, but I think they’ll be able to move the ball with Howard and Robinson and I can see him doing some damage in the redzone

RB2 may be a problem. I don’t trust Collins.

Really nice draft, though a bit weak at DST and K :wink:

How many teams?

I like it, what I am not a huge fan of though is Dixon and Murray. IMHO its too many handcuffs when those spots could have been used for more upside guys. But not a bad team!

I don’t mind Murray; it’s a lottery pick that you can drop quick if needed. I’d expect from the bench it was likely a 12 man mock (could be wrong) but Coleman/Clement/Dixon are all super deep fliers at best for me (maybe Clement is worth a roll of the dice cuz who the hell knows in Philly but…)

Coleman definitely has stand alone value

True it does depend on the format. If it was anything less than a 12 team though there were better picks than Murray and Dixon.

heard rumblings today that dixon is on the roster bubble at the moment too…

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It was a 12 team draft.