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Do you agree with the proposed veto of this trade for Derrick Henry?


I’m in the second year of a dynasty league. 12 teams, 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 flex. I traded Marlon Mack, Randell Cobb, and my first and second round picks next year for Derrick Henry. My team is strong and I expect the picks I traded to be late in each round. There is a lot of outrage from the other teams that I gave up too much and there is serious talk of a trade veto. By next year (if not this upcoming year), I think Derrick Henry is going to be a stud and a top RB option in dynasty and I think the package I gave up was well worth it for Henry.



Vetos are bull and should only be used when there is outright collusion. Just because they don’t like the trade doesn’t mean they should have any right to block it.


I agree. Do you think the trade is worthy of a veto though? I was really caught off guard when the talk of a veto came up. I don’t have regrets about the trade, even after the majority of the league thinks it was so bad it should be vetoed.


Just tell the league why you think it’s good.

  • Cobb is irrelevant

  • Mack won’t sniff the lineup this year

  • You think rookie picks are overvalued anyway

  • Henry could be an RB1 next year


I don’t think it’s fair to veto the trade… especially if it’s a solid, proven team that is getting playing well enough to end up with late-round picks (from placing highly, I assume).

That said, I’m hoping this deal was at the end of the negotiations rather than what you initially offered. Without seeing both of your rosters (which changes everything), that does appear to be a rather high price. But if you’re set on Henry and you don’t need those other pieces, then it’s definitely both a fair and un-veto-able trade.


I recommend building something into your by-laws that spells out what trades can be vetoed for. Make it clear that anything short of collusion won’t cut it.


Agreed. My leagues only allow the commish to veto (in reality: “undo”) a trade. They all auto-go-through, immediately, so teams can make use of players that week, as needed.

Any league with any history should be devoid of collusion. Terrible trades should be mercilessly mocked, and true collusion will be obvious, financially penalized, and a sign that at least one of those teams is on their way out of the league.