Do you bench Carson? Please help

Half ppr need to pick 2 of 4


Currently leaning Robinson and Akers

Even with the baltimore matchup for robinson the work load should be there but how would you pick the 2?

I am in a similar situation as you.

I need to choose between Carson, Swift, Davis.

For your dilemma, if you want to play the match ups, Monty and Akers are the play.

Akers gets NYJ. Monty gets MIN.

I dont trust monty over them the matchup is only ok and the Vikings could easily get up big over them and script monty out or mostly out hes gotten some passing work now

I think Monty rides pine again Robinson and Carson got me here but sitting both and losing would just hurt to much so i think one needs to stay in. Leaning the workload of Robinson but Akers seems to smash of a play not to get in.

For yours Davis and Carson. Swift and the concussion issue has me worried that they just go to AP more and use a little more Kerryon than giving the full workload Swift deserves when healthy

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