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Do YOU care about bye weeks?


I’ve seen conflicting opinions all over the place and I’m curious everyone’s reason or thoughts for considering bye weeks when drafting.
I see a lot that it doesn’t make that big of a difference and then I see people that swear “bye” it, get it?
But I also don’t think I’ve ever heard the FBBs talk about it on the podcast. Sorry if I missed that, but let me know what you think!


I honestly don’t pay attention to bye weeks. My reasoning is because I want the best player available to me so that my team can get better. If I have a lot of players that have the same bye week, the way I see it is that I would rather have a lot of good weeks and one bad week. I would rather sacrifice that one week because of players on byes than the whole season. Hope this helps!


Listen to the episode from yesterday. They discuss this very topic. The summation is that they matter very little. Unless they’re all week 3 byes.


Don’t worry about byes. By the time they roll around you’ll have made trades, picked up ppl from the waiver, ppl get injured.


I put more of an emphasis on bye weeks than Andy, Mike, and Jason because I hardly ever do any trading. If I draft a player then I am all in for the long haul. I never trade my star players so because of that I do keep an eye out for bye weeks to be a tiebreaker, especially for my LBs. I dont want my top WRs/RBs to have the same bye week so I can have a chance each week.


I think bye weeks can be considered when you’re in those middle rounds and those middle-tier skill players become so similar. In general, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. As many here are saying-- your roster should be different by the time weeks 7+ come along. Even if you’ve got multiple studs on the same bye, the worst case scenario you “punt” that week but hopefully dominate the rest of the season


I only care about picking up too many players on either bye weeks 5 or 6. Teams normally begin moving around their rosters by weeks 7 or 8. An active owner would have made several trades by week 8. That means picking up players during the draft with bye weeks 7 or higher, are not a big deal…in my opinion.


I’m going to argue both sides and contradict myself.

– I say I don’t care… and then in the middle of a draft, I start seeing the same bye week number popping up a bit to often and… yeah, I care a bit.

– I say I care… and then I realize that that Week 8 bye is two months out ahead of me, and by the time it rolls around, it turns out half of my team is different than it was in late August and… yeah, I don’t care.

– I say I don’t care… and then a tough bye week shows up and I realize I need to drop someone –anyone!!– so I can play a full squad that week, and… yeah, I care again.

– I say I care again… but those few times I’ve had a squad that is overloaded with one single bye week, I realize that means the rest of my season is stress free, and I basically have a personal bye week… and I don’t care all that much anymore.

… until of course, I realize my opponent that week is that ONE team I really want to beat the crap out of. …and I care again.