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Do you carry a backup quarterback this time of the year?


Playoffs are close and I need to get my defenses in line. My roster is tight and I have Cousins and Rivers. I want to pickup a second defense and hold them.


It depends on if you are already locked into a playoff spot or not, if you are build for those playoff matchups, for example i grabbed mariota in week 8 because i knew he had an easy ROS (had just traded for watson when he blew out his acl). Anyways mariota has a bad week 16 matchup which is my championship week, so i grabbed bortles and rodgers (IR slot) strictly for that week 16 matchup. If you like cousins rest of season there is no need to carry 2 qbs, if you dont like him rest of season then you should.


Thats great advice . I really appreciate it .


Agreed with above. Really depends on if you have room for two and your position heading toward the playoffs. Someone dropped Rivers this morning, and I will probably put a claim on him since I was carrying AZ Def and can drop them now.


Its been an uphill battle this year. Lost some key players ( Johnson was the biggest) and man it was rough… went 1-4. Finally got on a roll, and I’m not sure of a playoff decision but as of right now would be in 6-5. Its to close to call I don’t want to screw up. Our league is super competitive and you have to jump on opportunities fast…(12 team PPR league).


Agree with above love Cousins ros but injuries always a possibility but definitely beyond for playoffs. It’s somethinf I’ve never thought of until this season


I think so. Iv’e gotten lucky and really nailed a few of my WW additions. Guys like MJJ and Kamara. I currently am the 1st seed and I’m rostering: Mariota, Smith and Dalton. I also have Ravens and Seattle Def. The Ravens were dropped after their poor game against the Vikings. But I’m gonna get a bye and then the Ravens play the Browns in week 15 and the Colts in week 16.

My point is that I have been preparing for the playoffs since week 5-7. It’s always a good idea to carry extra QB and Def.


I don’t like rosterring 2 QBs but I started Dak each of the last 2 weeks in 1 league (and somehow won both games) so I picked up RIvers and based on how this week goes I will probably drop one of them to pick up another def to block opponents more than to play them (already have 2)


I see your point. I’ve finally got a roster I like…and trust me I’ve traded, hit the waiver wire and my team is hitting its stride…I don’t want to tinker with it to much… but I need to make room for one more spot.


I’m in first place and have Smith as my QB but have been holding onto Goff just in case.