Do you drop kerryon or Breida for WR

Would anyone dropp either kerryon or breida
For Chris godwin
I have odel and with him out playing kenny G but stafford may no be out so thinking may pivot to godwin
I would have to drop kerryon or breida Thought?

allen robinson and D.J. Moore are also avalible and there end of season schedules are good

I think you could drop Kerryon, the timetable on his injury is uncertain. Brieda may play this weekand does not have the same time share when he returns. In a PPR league I think Godwin is a good pickup this week given the matchup.

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Brieda would be the one for me if I was to decide to drop one of them. #1- he just aggravated an already injured ankle, and #2- my thoughts are that he’s valuable enough to SF that I have to think they’re not gonna push it, especially since they don’t stand much hope for this year at this point.

Especially if you’re in re-draft. I’m not sure he’s gonna be doing a WHOLE LOT ROS.

IDK…just my thoughts.

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And as @crhempel…Godwin is a great pickup at this point I think.

EDIT:…oh hell, I just saw that you can also grab DJ Moore. Depending on Cam’s health at gametime, I think he’s definitely someone to consider.

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I have a buy this week just want options is odell is out longer. i like d.j. schedule for next couple weeks so idk but with breida i agree wiht you guys.

@grizzwald39. HUGE CONGRATS on your BYE…which I take it means you finished 1st or 2nd going into the P/O’s!!! Great job my friend and best of luck to you going forward!!! :+1:

thank you sir ya had a killer year in both leagues and got byes for both. good luck to u as well for future i added dj dropped breida. tough caus ehe has gotten me clutch wins but moves like this are what got me here so stay on your game

Very well put!!! :slightly_smiling_face: