Do you ever feel bad when you win a somewhat lopsided trade?

Perhaps the obvious answer is "Of course not! Enjoy the “win”!, but just curious.

I just moved Baldwin + Thompson for Hopkins (owner is a big Seahawks fan and in bad need of an RB - he also has Thomas as another WR1).
Standard scoring

That’s part of it. Usually going to be a winner and a loser. Also the Hopkins owner shouldn’t have taken that anyway

Agreed that they should have declined - which is why I feel a little bad - BUT he DID accept.
Will be curious to see what the rest of the league thinks of the trade and whether anyone pushes for it to be taken back - though I am the commissioner :slight_smile:

Though - who knows how things play out - maybe Baldwin comes back strong and Thompson continues to be a reliable starter and maybe Hopkin’s foot injury is more serious/lingers throughout the year - or Watson regresses. Seems to be a clear “winner” now, but only will really know when we look back later.

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I don’t think it’s very serious, but every time I hear WR and ‘foot’ on the injury report there is that little bit of worry in the back of my mind. That could have contributed to it.