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Do you guys agree with this 2 week contract trade?


Clay is hurt, I have essentially no TE… I have Dalton and Alex smith. Someone offered me Rudolph for my Dalton for TWO weeks. Then we trade back. Is that a good trade for 2 weeks? He goes against the Browns and Ravens.PPR


If your league allows it… Idk how your leaguemates may respond - I know my scumbag friends would veto it on the trade back (after 2 weeks). I think this is more of an ethics concern than anything else, but yeah this would benefit you if it works out.


Would you trade Dalton/Smith for rudolph for the rest of season?


If there is absolutely no one on the waivers, I would say Dalton for Rudolph is okay rest of season. Alex Smith is probably more consistent on a way better offense. Dalton could have those big games, but he isn’t matchup proof.

Is Hunter Henry on the waivers? I would take him over Rudolph if that’s an option.