Do you like Fournette or S. Barkley better?

Which RB should I target in the draft? I can keep Fournette now or keep McKinnon and go after Barkley. It’s an auction so I’ll for sure be able to grab Barkley.

I like the McKinnon + Barkley. Shanahan is going to feed the RB passes to McKinnon and Barkley looks to be a baller. Fournette has the ankle thing that worries me.

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That’s a tough one. I agree about the ankle, but Fournette is the focus of the offense and a power running, goal line back. Barkley may be more talented, but if he ends up on a low scoring offense with a bad line, he will struggle.

I still lean Barkley, but I think you are safe regardless of your decision.

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Yah agreed that it’s tough. Obviously in an ideal world it would be better to have McKinnon and Barkley. But there is the possibility that McKinnon doesn’t live up to this already massive hype and that you don’t get Barkley (that is a scenario, right? Someone could outbid you?) Whereas on the Fournette side you know exactly what you’re getting.

All that being said, if you’re confident you can get Barkley, I ‘d probably go that direction. I’ve honestly never done an auction. Won’t everyone have just as much of a chance at Barkley as you? Or do you have more because you can keep McKinnon for cheap?

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Yeah it’s an awesome keeper league with a $200 auction cap. We keep 5. If you keep a player their salary goes up $5 every year you keep.

Right now I’m keeping:
Beckham $25
D. Adams $15
Thielen $6
Kamara $6

And then I must choose McKinnon for $6 or Fournette for $46. Because most guys keep a few expensive studs I think if I keep McKinnon I’ll have enough cash to get Barkley at auction. The other thing that’s unique about this league is we start 3 WR and 3 RB, no flex. So solid RBs become pretty hard to find. 12 team league, 1/3 PPR.

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Oh yah, knowing the exact numbers McKinnon at 6 bucks is a no brainer. How good is being able to keep McKinnon and Kamara for a total of 12? Good luck, man.

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Knowing that info helps, if most guys have spent their dollars on the elite guys then I would definitely dump Fournette for that price. You can always buy him back for less and who knows, maybe you can score Barkley too.

The tough thing is that because we start 3 RBs there aren’t that many top guys in the auction because they get kept and that increases the price of other RBs. Hunt went for $69 last year. Still I think I want to drop Fourntte and have more cash available at the draft.